Maybe a Mac version of DEVONthink to go?

There was a discussion on Mastodon recently where someone was talking about syncing archives of PDFs and personal notes and documents. They mentioned DEVONthink, and I told them I strongly recommended it.

Anyway, the thing that came up was that they found the UI of DT very overwhelming. Just having all those tools and options visible is daunting to a newcomer. I suggested they try DTTG first, and this made me think: why not a cut down version of desktop DT that is more like DTTG? Thinking back, my wife had the same issue: she was OK with the idea of the application but bounced off of the UI complexity.

If not a whole cut down app, maybe an “easy mode” that hides as much as possible to make it look more like (say) Bear, Joplin or Obsidian?


to make it look more like (say) Bear, Joplin or Obsidian?



I cringed, too.

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So in other words… Why not just have Bear, Joplin or Obsidian lol

But I know what he is trying to say. When I first entered this DevonThink realism it daunted me and frankly scared me, the overwhelming options and tricks you have to learn kinda makes you not wanna use it. However like anyother complex tool or other complex things in the real world, once you learn it and know all about it, it is WORTH all the time you put in, to learn all about it.

I see DevonThink as a machine that does almost everything you wanted to do, for example a truck that is good in winter, summer,spring and fall and you can do anything with that truck, plow snow in winter, blow off leafs in spring, sprinkle water on the lawn in summer. pull your stuck car out of the ditch on winter etc. :wink:

Once you know all about it it is worth the price, worth the time learning about it and ultimately appreciate a masterpiece of an app that is DevonThink.

Remember that DevonThink is not a multimillion dollar company so having yet another “light” version would require a lot of time and money. the good thing is that there other options out there if you really look, I cant recall right now but there is a similar app like DevonThink outher. will come back if I remember later.

Also YOU DO have a light version of DevonThink already. Just disable all the things you dont need, and of course configure your UI(toolbar) to have a clean look and simplicity, you can do that currently.