.md editor view while typing (template)

Hi as i see in the DT3 .md Editor there are 3 views to open .md files. Edit mode , view mode or both in slip view.

why so complicated?
It would be nice to open an .md file view it as rendered file but edit it at the same time - like its possible in obsidian.

Its there a trick to do it like this ?
Or is it not possible? Is there a workaround?

There’s nothing complicated here. We provide options for people and not everyone wants to see both views at the same time.

And Preferences > Files > Markdown > Markdown Display can be set to Side-by-Side, if that’s your preference.


So you want to type # and have that disappear immediately? And then? What about a following #? And links?
If you don’t like a markup language to look like a markup language, perhaps something like RTF or Word or Pages would suit you better.

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No, this is not supported therefore not possible.

He’s referenced the Obsidian md editor a couple of times in this thread.
I am more familiar with the Logseq md editor but I think they share qualities with Obsidian.
It basically renders everything before the last hard return and after the next hard return. Therefore only the line/paragraph you’re editing shows you the markup.
It’s nice in some ways but I think it also relies on a completely different document model than DT.
Logseq at least is a block model, where links and rendering are based on blocks, not documents. This has many pluses but some drawbacks as well.
I like the DT render modes and have memorized in my hand muscles the toggle between preview and edit and I rarely use the side by side mode. I can’t even tell you what the toggle is without going into DT and watching myself do it. (control option P for preview, control option x for edit, so it’s not even a toggle!)

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it should be easy.

You should be aware that what you think may be easy, often is not. In fact, many Markdown applications don’t support the function you’re asking for. And there is no built-in framework for this either.


We encourage people to use applications that suit their needs and mindset. While we do make many modifications in every release, we are not trying to be Obsidian (or Typora, Ulysses, etc.).

I understand that you want something. And I’m not the one who’s deciding if you get it or not.

But calling what you want “normal” (and thus insinuating that contradicting positions are “abnormal”) is, at least for me, quite irritating.
Your wishes and preferences are just that: yours. They are neither normal nor exotic. Nor are people who like what you don’t like “nerds” or meriting any other derogatory description.

And I don’t see why DT has to implement every detail of other programs. If there’s software out there that does what you want, then by all means use it. DT does not get in the way.