Me or "Make Link"

Can’t seem to get “Make Link” to work. It remains “grayed out.” I’ve tried several approaches: highlighting text, highlighting folders, URLs… I assumed from past experience that this was the way to use “Make Link.” The documentation indicates to me that I’m on the right path, but I can’t make a link between files, texts, ULRs or any other items I’d like to cross-reference in DTP. What could be wrong?


A common use of ‘Make Link’ is as a means of establishing new Wiki links, either to existing documents with the same name as the selected text string in a rich test document, or to create a new document with the name of the selected text string, if no document with that name already exists. (I don’t use Wiki links, but that’s just me.)

Other kinds of links can be established after a string has been made into a hyperlink by using ‘Make Link’, but that involves reselecting the hyperlink string, Control-click, selection of the contextual menu option, ‘Edit Link’ and then pasting in the desired link, e.g., a URL, a Page Link, Item Link, etc.

So ‘Make Link’ may not be the most efficient method to establish new hyperlinks within a rich text document.

Here are some other approaches:

  1. Select text, Control-click and choose ‘Link To’. Navigate to the desired target and click on it. A link is created.

  2. If you have in the clipboard a document’s Item Link or Page Link, or a URL, paste it into a rich text document at the cursor insertion point. A link is created.

Tip: Select the entire hyperlink string and enter new text to change the text displayed in your rich text document. The revised link string will still link to its target. Example: change a long URL string to ‘Harry’. ‘Harry’ remains a clickable link to the Web page.

Tip: To modify the link destination or to remove a link, select the entire link string, Control-click and choose ‘Edit Link’ or ‘Remove Link’.

A new trick to associate notes to a linked document: Public beta 8 includes a smart template that can be invoked by the keyboard shortcut, Shift-Option-Command-A. While viewing a document, invoke that keyboard shortcut and a new rich text document is created that links to your viewed document, and is automatically placed into a new tab in that view or document window. The new annotation document can be used to write summary and/or comment notes about its target document.
This is an easy way to associate searchable notes with a document of any file type.