Meaning of light/dark on Sync check-boxes

Maybe I have overlooked the information, but I can’t find mention of the meaning of the colour of the check-boxes in Sync. NOT the meaning of checked or not, but:

  • light background with black tick (check) mark
  • dark background with white tick(check) mark

There must be some meaning, it seems maybe to be about buffering, but a definitive answer would be nice. I have some complex sync arrangements that frequently throw up glitches, mostly due to slow connections at times and tight security wanting to remind me it is looking after my data, so if there is information to be gleaned then I want access to this indicator.



A screencapture would be helpful.

Sorry for delay in response. Here is a screenshot.

Having some issues trying to get file to scale down in size, the tickboxes I am asking about are in theDatabases column on the right hand size.

Top three tickboxes are light background, lower four are dark background. What is this indicating ?

Thank you for any further information.


Looks like a harmless glitch of macOS which draws the checkboxes.