Mellel and ScanSnap

I am beginning PhD work this summer and plan to use Mellel for word processing along w/ Bookends. I plan to use DTP for data collection, outlining data collections and first drafts. I am also considering the ScanSnap for scanning.

I know from this forum that many use Mellel & DTP. Would like to know how you are using them together… especially searching your Mellel docs.

Anybody using ScanSnap in research? Is it helpful? OR… are you finding DA and online resources sufficient for getting your research into DTP. I know from the forum there is a forth coming product bringing DTP and ScanSnap a smoother workflow. Any word on the timing for this? Hate to buy it and have the next version of the ScanSnap be the one that will integrate w/ DTP.

Appreciate any feedback.


I use the ScanSnap for my daily work flow.

  1. scan pages using scansnap manager
  2. OCR the PDFs from 1 using ReadIris11 -> result is a PDF+(searchable)Text
  3. Import PDFs from 2 into DT

DT use the text from “PDF+Text File” for searches while display the scanned pages as picture.

Very nice solution for me.