I know it has been suggested several times before so I just would like to add my vote: it would be nice if DT could read Mellel files (I would like to be able to write in something more advanced than TextEdit)

Once Pro is released someone may be able to write a plugin for Mellel files.

Perhaps even the folks at Redlers.

being a mellel writer (why on earth did i get this ms-office license?? on the other hand, its an academic license for 39 EUR…, thats 2 dinners at a decent restaurant) ;D

Yep, add me to the list of those hoping for integration with Mellel.

DT 2.0 will support import plugins (and DT Pro 2.0 of course too). But please don’t expect this version before Q3/04.

But usually we don’t support proprietary and undocumented file formats (as every new release could break the support for those file formats).