Memory Leak in Devonthink while synching with Devonthink to


Since buying your product I have never been able to get it to work reliably on more than say a couple of hundred files. As I have a new Ipad and you have a new version out I thought I would try again.

I want to sync a entire database of around 7G. This fails every time. If I look at the virtual memory foot print when it starts to fails its around 20G. If I leave it longer it fill up to around 70G of swap at which point the computer stops working and I have to reboot.

Database word count around 1 million unique words.

Any ideas?


The synchronization of version 2.5.2 is unfortunately leaking, the next maintenance release will fix this. In the meantime I could send you the download link of version 2.5.1 or of the current internal beta, just send me a PM.

Memory is still Leaking or leaking again with sync on 2.7.

I have hourly syncs to dropbox on 2 db’s and a local store on 2 others and after 24 hours DTPO was using 18 gig of memory.

Bug not yet squashed.

I see that I replied in the wron area.