Memory Leak on DTPO assumingly from sync.

I have 4 db’s syncing 2 with Dropbox 2 with a local store. after about 24 hours DTPO will be using about 18 gig of ram until I close and restart then we’re back to the normal 800-900 meg I’ve noticed this behavior on both mac pro and macbook pro copies Does anyone know of a fix, other than restarting the application.


How large are the databases?

Inbox is negligible (dropbox)
my (default) 916mb (dropbox)
filecabinet 3.9 gig (localstore)
Rackspace 500meg (localstore)

I thought I’d eliminated most of the ones from direct connection syncs, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the filesystem syncs have them :-/

I’m working on this, but it’s a very slow process – Sync’s memory management is nightmarishly complex and mistakes result in either leaks or crashes or both. And there’s unfortunately no way to test fixes except for running long tests with an analyzing instrument attached – which itself slows performance to a crawl, sometimes crashes, and generally makes the machine otherwise unusable.

In other words, progress is and will be slow.

I sincerely apologize for this – the complexity of memory management in Sync is one of the many reasons that I’m currently rewriting Sync from the ground up.

The leaks are proportional to how often the sync occurs and how many records there are in the database – not how many changes there are – so eliminating unnecessary syncs is the best way to keep the leaks under control.

Again, I’m terribly sorry about this, and I am working on it. It’s a longstanding problem, dating back to Sync’s original developer and the overall design of the plugin.

No need to Apologize, You wouln’t know if I didn’t bring it up or maybe you would. Either way. I’m on the beta list so if you want to have me test different solutions, Just let me know.

Marty :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I didn’t know it was this bad :confused: Or else I would have spent the past couple months working more on it and less on encrypted stores.

Actually the Encrypted stores I believe were a better use of time. Now I’ll put the data on dropbox. before it was open and insecure.

Now if/when we find the cause of the leak we’re that much better off…
I can restart the apps daily and clear the memory usage…