Memory usage in DT 1.8.1a

I had just restarted my computer and one of the first thing I did was to import about 800 small text files, total about 24 MB, in to DT.

That resultad in 3 new swap files (from 1 to 4) and that DT used almost 200 MB of real memory (up from about 60). Is that really necessary?

I have a iBook G3 800 MHz with 640 MB RAM running Mac OS 10.3.3. Besides DEVONthink 1.8.1a I was running these apps (but they where all more or less idle):
Eudora 6.1
Address Book
Activity Monitor

The memory usage should be definitely MUCH smaller - could you stuff or zip the files and send them to us? Then we could check this over here.