Mendeley + Devonthink?

Just wondering whether anyone has worked out a useful way of using Mendeley and Devonthink together. So I suppose this is a request for a “tip” or “trick”. :smiley:

I’ve wondered the same. I rarely hear Mendeley mentioned (instead, the usual subjects are Bookends, Zotero, or Sente), but the program looks like it has a lot of potential.

I use Mendeley to organize my scientific literature, and I let it rename them all by author/year and automatically move them to a single folder called ‘Papers’. I interface with DT just by indexing ‘Papers’ into my research database and then adding a synchronization script to keep the folder updated in DT.

Once you have that, your whole Mendeley database is searchable in DT, and you can replicate aliases of any papers to where ever you want them. I basically use Mendeley to keep my literature sorted by topic using ‘collections’, and I use DT to associate papers with research notes and working manuscripts by replicating papers around the DT hierarchy.

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I’m doing the same with Mendeley and DT. Anyone worked out a good way to manage tags across the two programs?

DT’s classification tools are great for facilitating grouping and tagging, but I’d love to somehow make Mendeley “aware” of the DT tags, so that they’re visible to others when I share the Mendeley library online.