Menu bar malfunctioning

DTTG 2.7.7 (16398), iPad iOS 12.4.1

Attempted to change sort order within a group and discovered some strange behavior:
— tapping either the info button or the menu icon (rightmost two icons in the menu bar at the bottom of the side panel) causes the sidebar to disappear, and the expected windows do not open. Happens when a database or a group is selected. The corresponding buttons work as expected in the home screen.
— At times (seemingly random) when switching between a DB and its groups, or reverse, the menu bar is blank…the line dividing it from the rest of the sidebar is visible but no icons are present. Going to the home screen and back down fixes this temporarily.
Have quit and reopened the app, hard restarted the iPad, and removed and redownloaded the app with no change.

Edit: same version/build works fine on iPhone with iOS 13.6.

Could you, maybe, share some screenshots how it looks like?

Am sending screenshots in PM including a zipped .mov file.

Have managed to reproduce behavior:

  • Restart DTTG
  • From home screen, go to a DB
  • Go to a Group
  • Tap Menu or Info icon in menu bar - sidebar closes (sync and + icons work as expected)
  • (at this point, < DEVONthink appears at top of screen, Not <(database name))
  • Tap < Devonthink
  • Group sidebar appears
  • Tap < (database name)
  • Database screen/sidebar, menu bar is blank

EDIT: After trying a bunch of times, sometimes the menu bar doesn’t appear without icons until I go back to the home screen and select a database, So it’s not consistent behavior. Frustrating.

EDIT 2: The “blank” menu bar is truly empty, i.e. the icons are not only not visible, there is no action when tapping where they normally appear.

At some point the menu bar reappears in DB and Group views, haven’t been able to reproduce except by closing the app and reopening (swiping up after double click home button). May get menu bar back when going from group to DB screen.

Appreciate any help.

Have opened support ticket #782974 thinking the logs may show something. Wondering if I should try reinstalling iOS or updating to iOS 13, thoughts?

So this is not happening on iOS 13 at all?

Not on my phone with iOS 13, no. The iPad with the issues is still on iOS 12, not iPad OS.

Then it might be that the problem solved itself on iOS 12. The next version of DEVONthink To Go will require iOS 13 anyway so maybe it’s a good time to update :slightly_smiling_face:

Just for clarity, I never had the issue on the phone (but then I don’t use DTTG on the phone that often due to the small screen). Will go ahead and update the iPad to 13 and let you know if the problem persists. Out of curiosity, would you let me know if you see anything significant in the logs?

Thanks for the help.

We looked through them but there was nothing we wouldn’t expect. At least nothing related to what you’re describing I’m afraid.

Thank you, Eric. I have upgraded to iPad OS 13.6 and have one slightly different issue.
When selecting a DB, and then the menu or info icon, the resulting window appears at the bottom left corner of the screen, and almost immediately moves up to the upper left corner. After closing the info or menu window and using the < DEVONthink button to restore the sidebar, the windows open and stay in the bottom left corner until closed.
Also, using the cloud icon while in either a group or DB simply closes the sidebar; the log only appears while in the home view. Not sure if that’s the expected behavior or not.
Deleting and re-downloading the app did not change this behavior. Have you seen this before? Haven’t noticed any anomalous behavior in other apps on this iPad but I’m starting to wonder about device problems.