Menu command and key. shortcut for going inside a selected g


maybe I’m missing something but I see no menu item with keyboard shortcut as an equivalent for double-clicking a group in the left panel.

I love the Finder-like idea of going inside each group by double clicking it. It makes browsing my huge group structure so much fun! Much easier than using Evernote and its tag groups…

Well… and there it comes - I can ‘go up’ from a group using the toolbar button or ‘Go / Enclosing group’ menu item (Cmd+Alt+up shortcut).

BUT I can’t dive into a selected group using keyboard. In Finder I would use the Cmd+Down shortcut to go into the folder. With DT I have to grab my mouse and double click the desired group. :frowning:

PLEASE add a new menu item in ‘Go’ menu:

  • ‘Top Group’
  • (NEW) ‘Selected group’ (with shorcut like Cmd+Alt+Down or something)
  • ‘Enclosing group’


thanks for this suggestion, the next beta will add this.

honestly, I don’t know how to thank you :slight_smile: I can’t wait to get the next beta in my hands :slight_smile: keep up the great work!