Merge databases feature

Would it be possible to add a "merge databases" or "sync databases" feature to the pro/std. edition of DT in the future?

I find myself researching different content on my iBook than on my tower and the ability to import and merge two databases, without duplicating content, would be a BIG bonus.

thank you

Happy Holidays :slight_smile:

Maybe we’ll add this to a later release but I wouldn’t recommend to use DT that way. It’s probably better and much faster to copy the complete DEVONthink folder from one machine to the other one (before you’re going to use that one). That’s one of the advantages of using only few database files instead of thousands of single files or even file packages.

yes - but then, there is the problem with different paths…

(if you got links to files in DT)

I’d like to have a feature to correct the path - I’m using DT as kind of SourceControl for my DB-Dev work. When I copy the DT-folder, I got all the files&rtf-stuff - but can’t launch an item

You can’t launch the original but you could open the current content of the database externally. Or add a few aliases to your filesystem to create similar directory structures on both systems.

Btw, some of the "how do I sync two computers with DevonTHINK?" thread relates to this discussion.

Hmm, now we need a "merge threads" for the forum like "merge databases" for DT? :slight_smile:

Actually, I’ve been hoping that the merging can be implemented as an Applescript with the DT Pro version that is supposed to appear soon.

One could probably write a script to export the latest contents from one database and import them into another one. But if you’re using almost identical databases on desktops and laptops, it’s still easier and faster to synchronize the whole DEVONthink folder.