merge databases with synching?

I’ve been wondering if it’s possible to use synching for merging a few of my databases on different systems. I’d like to know the expected results to help decide if it’s worthwhile. In one case:

  • Start with db1 and db2, on system1 and system2.
  • Both dbs have indexed documents from distinct, differing ~/Documents/mumble folders.
  • All other documents are unique in each db.

After synching, would each db instance have the union of content (records) from both? (guess: yes - ideally)
Would files in ~/Documents/mumble on each system be copied to the other? (guess: yes - unfortunately)
Is it possible for files in ~/Documents/mumble to remain distinct on each system and also remain indexed? (guess: no - unfortunately)

Best not to have more misunderstanding about indexed item synching. If necessary, I can remove indexed ~/Documents/mumble documents from both dbs before synching to avoid any external file/folder mingling.

In another case, what if both dbs are nearly identical except for a few overlapping documents with later revisions than in the other? Will both versions exist, or only the newest, after synching?

Are there other issues to consider besides the minimal indexing and multiple revisions? Any pre-sync cleanup seems relatively easy with all my “db merge” candidates.


Easy to design and run an experiment for all this, eh?

So, the two databases are completely different – no intersection at all? (Does it matter, then, that they are on two boxes?

I’m lazy? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll try that later at least for my second, non-indexed case.

The only “intersection” is indexed items referencing different external files under ~/Documents/mumble on each system (which I’d like to stay that way if possible). I’d mistakenly thought synching would only copy the db records, not the external files. As a more concrete example, imagine indexing ~/Library/Preferences or some other folder you don’t want cross-mingled between systems.

Not sure what you mean. I’d prefer these particular indexed items be totally ignored during synching but definitely don’t want any of the corresponding external files copied between systems. Both seem impossible, while the latter is what I originally thought would happen. Even a global “ignore indexed items” sync option would be sufficient, if not something more granular.

Bear with me, it’s Thursday … almost Friday … and a day in client meetings has fried my comprehension skills :open_mouth:

The two databases index files in the ~/Documents/mumble on their respective machines, but the contents of A/me/Documents/mumble and B/thee/Documents/mumble are different?

I want to play too, just want to be sure I got the right score.

I’m bearing, hopefully not overbearing. :slight_smile:

Exactly, re: the indexed db records, etc. I think the general issue is that it’s not always desirable to mirror-sync indexed items (db records and external files).

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