Merge groups...I must be missing something

I have two groups in a single db that are mostly the same. Except one has 134 items in it and another has 138. I do not need the duplication, but also do not want to have to manually hunt for dupes or missing items.

When I select both groups, there is no “merge” option in the context menu (as some posts have described), and the functions Tools>Merge or Tools>Merge and Delete are grayed out.

Clearly I’m missing something. TIA

I’m not seeing any issue merging two selected groups.
However this is not going to solve your issue.
You could use a smart group targeting the merged group to remove duplicates but merging is not going to remove duplicates. You’ll end up with a single group with 272 items in it.

Are the groups locked?

Thank you. No they’re not locked. I remain baffled.

I like your idea. It’s a 2-step process, but that’s okay. Thanks.

Are the groups in the same database?

Multiple groups selected in the sidebar are currently not supported by Tools > Merge Items. The next release will improve this.

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