Merge identical Tags with different spelling

Hello all,

in my tags I find multiple redundant copies of basically the same tag with different spelling. How can I merge those tags, also avoiding that auto tagging will reuse them?


if it were in Finder, I’d select all under the wrong tag, right click and delete the tags, then insert the tag you want.

I don’t know for sure but I’m thinking DT would work the same.

  1. Move each wrong spelled Tag group into the correctly spelled Tag group

  2. Select each wrong spelled Tag group inside the correctly spelled Tag group

  3. Menu Data > Ungroup Items

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  1. Show the tags in the item list.
  2. Make sure the view is set to View > Sort > Unsorted.
  3. Put the desired tag as the top one of the ones you’re dealing with.
  4. Select the tags involved.
  5. Tools Merge.

You can also do this without using the Unsorted method and just rename the preserved tag after merging.


Thanks all for your advice! I got it!

Is there a way to avoid such automatically added Tags as a doi for example? Or the tags I just deleted?

I rarely type a full tagname
I start typing, then select from the displayed drop down list

I didn’t add these manually, they were added automatically by DTP.

Check your tag settings in import preferences:


@Michaell probably worth mentioning the difference in Bluefrog’s an my approach.

His merges tags and adds an alias for each merged tag to the remaining tag’s aliases. This is nice if you want to make sure that tags with a wrong spelling won’t be created again once they’ve been merged into the correct spelled tag. In the future wrong spelled tags will be automatically merged into the correct spelled tag.

Mine is a simple ungrouping without creating aliases. This is nice if the wrong spelling was introduced by a typo and you don’t want to “bloat” a tag’s aliases.


Indeed. :slight_smile:

Great, thanks again!