Merge multiple DB

I have been using multiple DTP database files for awhile now, and have decided that I would like to merge on DB into the other. How is this done? I’ve tried importing and drag-and-drop, but both fail. I hope this is possible, since I can not have more than one DB open at a time. I know this is a coming feature, but there must be away to import DTP files. Thanks.


I haven’t done this for a while, but I believe the steps are:

You have two databases, A and B
Verify, optimize, and backup both of them

Export all of the A files and folders.
Open database B.
Import the A files and folders.

Verify, optimize and backup.

You now have one database, containing both A and B contents.

Thanks. I just found it in the tutorial as well. I guess I was hoping for something less painful. Thanks again.