Merge (Shuffle) 2 pdf documents with reversed page orders


I have a single side scanner. In order to get a double side scanning I have to flip the pile and rescan the other side of the document. The odd pages have then reverse order. Before that I used to run pdftk to do the job, now havin DTOP this might be possible out of the box.
Can anybody give me a hand?


Open Automator and create a new service like the one portrayed in the image:

Save the service. To use it, in Finder select the two files you want to merge, then chose your service from the Finder > Services menu. The service will take a page from PDF A, then a page from PDF B, then a page from PDF A, and so forth. Order matters, so make sure page one is in the first PDF of the two PDFs you select - other wise you will get 2 1 4 3, etc., instead of 1 2 3 4 etc. The output PDF will be put onto the desktop.