Merge tags deletes documents?

I am wondering what exactly merging tags does in DevonThink, and I can’t find any information on-line or in the documentation about this.

I discovered I had multiple tags for the same thing (e.g. one was misspelled, or I used a different name for the same idea). To solve this, I went through my tag list and for each set of tags that were the same, I selected both tags and right-clicked on “merge.” This seemed to do the right thing, there was now only one tag and it had the sum of the documents that had originally been under both tags. But when I look in my trash, I see the documents in the tags I merged in the trash. I can also see those documents still in my regular database. So are they going to disappear when I empty the trash? What’s going on here?

Thanks in advance!


Merging two tags works like this:

  1. The children (e.g. documents) of the second tag are added to the first tag
  2. The name of the second tag is added to the aliases of the first tag
  3. The second tag is moved to the trash

Emptying the trash afterwards doesn’t remove the documents.