Merged Outlines/Notes

Would be cool if you could take a list of outline items and merge them into a single note.

This would be especially useful if you use DT’s outliner for listing individual items, as in a mental process / or project outline or writing tool, and want to share your work in an email, or print for example.

I often use the outliner without text in the body, so I would like both titles and text to be merged.

Imagine this:

Writing multiple chapters for a novel … then arranging them in 3 different ways using replicants. Now Merge each of the Replicant lists into 3 separate notes, and you have instantly created 3 different versions of your story!

The possibilities would be endless!

Version 1.9 will include a "merge view" (displays multiple selected items in one view) and a "merge command" (to create one content from multiple selected contents).