Merging data bases on 2 computers from USB port

Is there instruction anywhere on how to merge the data bases of 2 computers through a USB? Internet and WiFi methods are not working for me.

Are you having a problem with synchronizing databases – or do you have two different databases that you want to merge into one database?

Are you seeking to synchronize two copies of the same database that have been differently modified over time on two Macs? That’s what the Sync procedure is designed to do.

But if the databases were independently created (not clones), you should consider the following approaches.

One way would be to select at the top level all the contents of the database that’s to be merged with the other. Then choose File > Export > Files & Folders, and export the contents to a new Finder folder.

Copy that folder to the other Mac. In the second database, choose File > Import > Files & Folders, navigate to and open the folder holding contents of the first database and confirm the import.

You may end up with duplicates, or not, depending on the contents of both databases.

If you wish to transfer only some of the contents of the first database to the second one, modify the above approach to select only the desired items for export to a new Finder folder.

Still another approach would be to copy the first database to the Mac that hosts the second database. Now you could open both databases on the second Mac and move items from the first database to the second, e.g., using the Groups & Tags panel to move selected content from first to second database.

For that matter, if the databases are substantially different in content (and not clones of the same original database), and especially if they were created for different purposes, you may find it more convenient to copy the first database to the second Mac and use both databases, rather than merging them.

Thanks Bill for the help. So, import and then trash.

So if I have computer 1 and 2. Then use one of those methods to put 1 into 2’s database.
hen erase the database the database of computer 1. Finally, import the merged database.

I am going to go import folders, so I will get duplicates. Just trash the duplicates. To recover the space, I have to empty the trash of DTOP.