Merging Databases in DT3

I know this is probably a stupid question, but I want to make sure I’m not going to F something up, and the only things I could find in the forums related to DT2.

Am I correct in thinking I can just open the two databases in separate windows and drag the items from one into the other?

It’s not a stupid question and one you should approach with caution.

Yes what you’re proposing is possible but I would drag and drop in small batches versus trying to do a Select All then drag and drop.

Also, I’d make sure your local backups are current - also as a general admonition.

The destination database isn’t an encrypted database, is it?

No, its not encrypted.

My issue was that I’m new to DT, and when I set it up, I overdid it in separating things into different databases. So I find myself having to open about 12 databases in order to effectively search for things. It’s a pain.

I suppose I could just write a script to automatically go through and open everything? But it just seems so much simpler to have one database and be done with it.

I’m open to suggestions…

Here’s a script that opens all selected databases. It closes open databases if they are not selected.

If you set your database names in variable preferredDatabases they are always selected and you’ll just have to press enter to open all.


Thanks for the link!

On the other hand, I have merged databases (and split others) in the way you have described, and had no trouble. I stuck to the recommendations Jim made in his post above (my destination databases have always been encrypted though, but I didn’t note any problem; I suppose the only caveat is that you may have defined an upper size limit for an encrypted database).

I personally would encourage new users to find their way to the database structure they want to use long-term - and for sure that will in some cases involve splitting or merging databases in the initial phase.

Personally, I don’t have everything in one database - depending on your backup strategy, intentions for long-term archiving or sharing, a single large database could be disadvantageous. At the same time, my assumption is that - should my 4 backup strategies fail - one database of 6 damaged will lead to less data loss than one of one damaged.