Merging PDFs creates and RTF document not a merged PDF

For some reason when I merge PDFs now they create a single RTF file instead of the PDF files I want them to be.

I can’t see what has changed and I can’t see an option to change it back.

Can someone please help me with this because I really need the documents to be PDF.

Thanks folks.

Could you post some before and after screenshots so we can see what you are doing. It will really help us to try and diagnose the problem. I am sure you are making an easy mistake but I am not sure what it is.


I would confirm that the documents that you are merging are all PDFs. In my experience, RTFs are only created when merging with certain mixes of file formats (HTML, RTF, etc.).

Thanks Greg I found out that despite Pro Office showing the file as PDF when I merged it with the others that were PDF+Text it created an RTF.

This file marked as PDF never seemed to create a PDF+Text file when I ran OCR over it so I guess the file isn’t correctly formatted.

I will recreate the PDF.

Thanks heaps for the point in the right direction.

I have this problem from time to time. It seems to happen when, for some reason, PDF+text files are no longer recognised as such. The remedy I adopt is one recommended by DT support, which is to drag the files out of DT into a folder somewhere (easiest to make it on the desktop). Then erase the files from DT. Then drag them back into DT. Then erase the folder created on the desktop. They should then be correctly recognised and when you merge them the result is a merged PDF.

On which computer/device running which operating system did you import such files?