Message during add dbase to Store

I have tried to add another database to my sync store, and on my Mac it shows successfully accomplished. But when I try to sync on my iPhone, instead of showing latest time synced, message reads: “Being deleted.” And there it sticks, with green switch inoperative.

Suggestions, anyone?


Have you, maybe, deleted the database before on iOS and it is still in the process of being deleted? Then you’ll need to wait until all remnants are purged from DEVONthink To Go and then the switch will become active.

Thanks for the reply, Eric. I may have deleted this database during my beta test involvement, but that would have been months ago. Wouldn’t the delete process have completed by now? Is there something I can do to “encourage” it to complete the process so I can re-sync it?
Thanks again!

Just leave the app open. As cleaning up the full-text index is a slow process it can take a while. But it weeds it all out while it is open. How large was the database, how many items?

Database Properties shows 1.5Gb and about 30,000 entries (mostly text). Is that too large a dbase for syncing? If not, I will just leave it open on the iPhone till it cleans itself up, as you suggest. And thanks again, Eric.

I’ve found that, for databases with a lot of items (like, in the thousands), can take quite some time to delete. I’ve never deleted a database quite as large as the one you are (though I’ve been close, with about 2.5gb with about 5000 entries), and it was in the order of an hour or more.

Thanks, Scott! It’s encouraging to hear a successful story. I’ll just leave it open and grinding away!