Messed up behaviour with jpeg's since an update

Hi all, is there a known bug in the last DT update or the last osx update? Somehow my photo database started behaving VERY slow and weird after one of these updates. The pictures in the database are mostly ± 2 mb jpeg’s, so highres. A few weeks ago this was working smoothly without any glitches…

What happens is that if i click a picture after a few seconds i get the cute apple colorball on my screen for around 10 seconds, and sometimes it even mixes (in sort of random blocks) the current picture with a previous picture i have opened. Frankly this database went from butter smooth to totally unusable.

Anyone know what is going on? An can someone replicate this?


Does this happen too after importing the same files into a new database and/or deleting the preferences? Has been anything logged to the system console?

Hi Cristian, deleting the pref’s or copying to a fresh database doesn’t change the behaviour. Something else i could try?
The console just gave this:
DEVONthink Pro[11831] *** NSOutlineView data source ((null)) does not implement outlineView:itemForPersistentObject:

What is odd though is that DT does not seem to behave different with my other databases, for instance i have some big pdf’s that react normal and smooth as ever. One i tested is actually made up of several images the same size as those in my pictures database sticked together as a pdf.
Also i tested to convert a jpg to a tiff, but still the same problem.

Here is a screenshot of an image in DT, as you can see it randomly mixes things up; actually even the console screen is in here…

Could you send an example to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks! Images are displayed via the ImageKit framework, PDF documents via the PDFKit framework and therefore the results are independent. Which version of Mac OS X do you use? Is the image sized to fit (see menu View)?

Hi Christian, just send you a link with the sample database.
I use 10.6.3; upgraded last week, after which i think this stared. Within the upgrade specs of apple i could not find anything about the imagekit being updated but then i’m not a developer;-)
And yes the image is sized to fit. Hope you can replicate this somehow.

Thanks, Gerben.

I could reproduce the performance issue introduced by 10.6.3. V2.0.3 will include a workaround so that the application doesn’t freeze for several seconds anymore.