Metadata Display Columns

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Welcome @swj1442291549

I am not seeing this behavior in the current internal build. Stay tuned for the next maintenance release. Thanks for your patience and understanding.


Thanks for your reply.

It seems that I have fixed this issue. Let me explain a bit more.

This problem of missing custom meta data column only happen for one specific custom column (“Title”). Most of the other custom column works fine.

When I was playing around the custom view, I found that another custom column (‘bibcode’) is somehow entangled with “Title”. In the info panel, I can confirmed that bibcode and title have different data. But when I added “bibcode” Column into the UI, it was column “Title” that appeared in the UI instead of bibcode, which is weird. So I deleted the bibcode and title column and regenerated them in the Data preference and the problem magically disappears :slight_smile:

Interesting. :thinking: Can you reproduce the issue with the mixed up metadata?

Yes I can.

After my last post, I found there are some other pairs of metadata and they can mess the column layout up. Fortunately, it can be fixed by deleting and creating them again.

So you can make it happen at will or you just found other attributes that did the same thing?
If the former…

  • Were you duplicating and renaming them?

  • Were you previously running the beta version before the release last September?

  • Can you provide steps to reproduce the issue?

To be exact, If I found these weird-behaving metadata (not all metadata columns have this issue), I can reproduce the custom column issue. But I’m not sure why they exist or how did I make them. I didn’t duplicate any column but I can remember I indeed changed the capitalization of some columns (not sure if they are the mixed up metadata).

I just download the software so it is always the latest version 3.0.4

I saw what you saw and did what u did to solve the issue since the first beta of DT3. Two custom metadata field stuckIng together happens much less frequently now but it still does. But I can’t recall what exactly did I do to create this situation.