Metadata Features

Just starting to use custom Metadata. Neat feature.

My first thought was that it would be nicer if the custom definitions were per-database. But on further thought that could cause problems when moving items from one DB to another.

My alternative thought was that it would be nice if I could break the metadata into groups of related items (topics) that were presented in the metadata pane with the group name and a separator between groups. Something like:

Daily items:
Meta 1
Meta 2
Meta 3

Work items:
Meta 4
Meta 5


Thank you for the suggestion! The metadata definitions will remain global but it will be probably possible in the future to en/disable only certain definitions for each database.


And my previous suggestion, please: make a collapsible dividers for custom meta data pane, so we could organize CMD fields in groups and collapse/expand these groups when needed.
This would be also nice if we could name them. Adding/removing - from Data in Prefs, like ordinary CMD fields. It would be a neat CMD interface solution