Method to set up Keyboard Maestro palettes for moving files

I’d like to set up a KM palette for moving files into my various database’s Inboxes. I looked and thought about this and because the only Move command I could find is actually an AppleScript, I could not find an obvious way to make this happen using my basic knowledge of KM.

I think what I want is quite simple: I have my Global Inbox and it collects stuff. I want a hot key that shows a KM palette with each of my specific inboxes shown (i.e. Work, Personal, Client Projects, Research, etc.).

Anyone know how I can do this? (If Move to… was a Menu item, I would be all over it!)

Why don’t you just use Tools > Show Groups and Tags or the Sorter? If you’re using a palette, there’s not much difference in operation.

Sure there is, you can’t activate Groups & Tags (as far as I know), purely from the keyboard. The whole idea is to not have to do a bunch of drag & dropping. It’s actually really slow.

Control-Command-G in DEVONthink opens a top level window for Groups and Tags.

Why move things from one inbox to another inbox and from that inbox into another group? Just curious.

Anyway, KM is clunky and lousy at handling contextual menus, but BetterTouchTool is very good at that. Since Move To is a contextual menu command in DEVONthink, you could achieve what you want with a BetterTouchTool macro with better results than KM.

Thanks, Korm, I’ll try that! Any tips or examples?

Unfortunately, BTT doesn’t really work either. I’m making do with drag and drop for now. Until “Move To” becomes a menu item, I’m not sure I can do what I want anyway. Thanks!