Microsoft OneNote

Seeing as Devontech is taking a looong time to get its iOS act together, I was hoping I could instead abandon Evernote for the new OneNote on the Mac. Nope: it’s pretty, but it doesn’t support standard Mac behaviour like drag and drop, and there’s no clipping ability.

So I’m back to waiting, waiting for Devontech. I currently use Evernote for capturing things while using iOS, and then shift them to DT on the Mac, and use the kludgy DTTG for transferring DT items back to iOS … which is why after 11 years of using Devonthink, I’m ready to jump ship for an application that allows robust syncing, clipping and management of all reference material.

So far, Evernote and OneNote are not those applications, so you’ve still got a chance, Devontech.

(Evernote has good clipping & syncing capabilities, but I dislike using it to actually work with notes - and detest its file lock-in. Thankfully DT has broken that.)

Would you rather have a quality product, or just a product? :question:

There’s a lot we’re doing better this time around.

I want a quality product, of course. But despite some old loyalties, I don’t mind if that quality product isn’t DevonThink, providing it does what I need it to do.

On the other hand, with about a gazallion gigs of data in DT databases, and a deep understanding of the software, I’d prefer it was DT. Right now, though, it’s just a matter of who gets there first. I’m a lot on iOS these days, and my reference workflow iOS-OSX is a mess.

[postscript] In fact, OneNote isn’t any sort of competitor for DT. Different animals. Guess I’ll just wait for DTTG 2.0.

I’ll chime in on this. I’m in exactly the same boat: I want my iOS/OSX workflow to be Devon-driven. But for now, it’s not. I really don’t like Evernote for all the reasons stated here. I’m currently using OneNote, for all its own faults.

I seriously need a Devon solution.

I keep checking back here hoping something useful for mobile is out. What you say only partially carries water. It is true of course everyone wants a quality product. Give you that. But that is pretty lame overall, considering how long it has been.

The other statement however… iOS isn’t exactly new in 2014 nor the mobile needs of the public. If anything peoples mobility needs are outpacing stagnant/office use. So if the mobile capabilities aren’t there people will naturally loose patience and state frustrations.

Devon Technologies is greatly behind the curve of producing anything useable for mobile. Even updates to previous dates back to November 2013 as that product limps along since 2010 ?? That isn’t a very good track record for people to put trust in wouldn’t you agree?

No, actually I disagree. If your “trust” in DEVONtechnologies is based on a mobile app, you’ve missed the larger picture.

“mobile” is not the core of our business. It is a facet. And despite your assessment of “needs”, it is the smaller share of what we do. This does not mean that we dismiss it or take it seriously. On the contrary, we are taking it very seriously.

And as far as our “track record”, I think you’d be hard pressed to find in much larger companies (with far more resources) offering the openness and level of Support we offer here. We don’t gauge ourselves by whether we have pushed out a dozen mobile apps in the past four years. Our standard covers all facets of our company, from apps to sales to support to where we are at on our own company road.

I disagree with both of you :slight_smile:

I don’t think Devontech has undermined any trust in taking a geological epoch to get its mobile side up to scratch. It’s working on it, and if an epoch is what it takes, well, that fits in with Devontech’s branding strategy. It’s frustrating, but DT has spelled out where it stands loud and clear and often. That’s not undermining trust.

But Bluefrog, I don’t think any company can say that mobile is not “core” to what they do these days. No doubt some big card-based mainframe computer manufacturer once said that personal desktop computers were not core to its business. Mobile isn’t peripheral to desktop computing, it is computing.

No, actually I disagree. If your “trust” in DEVONtechnologies is based on a mobile app, you’ve missed the larger picture.

“mobile” is not the core of our business. It is a facet. And despite your assessment of “needs”, it is the smaller share of what we do. This does not mean that we dismiss it or take it seriously. On the contrary, we are taking it very seriously.

Well… I do hope it is being taken seriously. I think the bigger picture leans much towards mobility. Considering Devon Techn deals strongly in research and organization of data… in many cases from existing digital sources (read internet and then whatever category ) Cloud, accessibility, availability is of prime importance today for many. Sure, some programs can get locked into “desktop” only use and go no further— high end audio, graphics etc… But I would hope Devon Tech is way beyond that thinking considering their purpose.

In the end, for me, if my data (documents, PDF’s etc) is only accessible while on my MBA because it is in DTPO (which much of it is) and I have to move it out of there into any other area— the cloud, creator app that syncs to iPhone an so on, then DTPO soon becomes less useful. The big picture for me isn’t life on my MBA, but 70% on iPhone and 30% on MBA. So you see what I am getting at? Sure, I can just keep documents in Pages, ByWord, OneDrive etc. But then it is all over the place. Less than ideal. So Yes I like DTPO, but I also have needs for it when I leave my computer…

Hmmmm… Well I am going to agree with you here! :smiley: Summed up well… may even have been said by Jobs…!70F7CC1D-FFBF-4BE0-BFF1-08C300E31E11


Sorry, I have to disagree with you one this. “Mobile” is not computing when the devices are still underpowered compared to a “real” computer. If the IDE for mobile app development is still desktop based, I would hardly call a mobile device a true computer.

There are many tasks that are not only unsuitable for mobile devices, but some that are plainly impossible.

Will it be there one day? I’m sure it will, but it is not there yet.

That being said, mobile tech is a reality that must be considered but the limitations and requirements of the devices and OS requires more careful planning and development that people may imagine.

I love my iPad Air and my iPhone 5S. I use them a lot. Every morning at breakfast (with a couple of mugs of Community Dark Roast coffee) I browse the Wall Street journal and a couple of other news sources. I’ll check my email as well.

If I come across an article that would be a useful addition to one of my databases I’ll email its URL to myself as a reminder to capture it when I move to my Mac. I read a lot of ebooks on the iPad.

I find version 1.x of DEVONthink To Go very useful for purposes such as syncing some articles and papers I haven’t yet read or want to reread from a DEVONthink database on my Mac to the iPad Air. But I recognize the limitations of 1.x for other purposes such as organizing content, and wait to do such chores until I get back to a Mac (or carry a laptop when on a trip).

DEVONthink To Go 2.x will have major improvements, including general organizational capabilities, sync via local network or the cloud and will generally be more powerful.

Yes, you will be able to sync reasonably large databases to an iOS device. Yes, those who like to annotate PDFs will be pleased by version 2.x. Adding notes and new content will be improved.

But don’t expect DEVONthink To Go 2.x to duplicate DEVONthink on a Mac. The mobile operating system and the hardware capabilities of iPhones and iPads are very limited by comparison to OS X and current Macs for sheer horsepower. My iPad Air has a small fraction of the RAM on my MacBook Pro, and that’s a limitation. There are many calls to OS X that DEVONthink on a Mac can make, but that are not available in the iOS environment, another source of limitations. AppleScript isn’t available in iOS, so your favorite scripts can’t be carried over from the Mac.

Thanks, Bill. Of course I don’t expect the iOS version of Devonthink to have anything like the horsepower of the original. My hope is that a) DTTG 2.0 will improve harvesting of information from other areas of iOS (integration with Agile Tortoise’s Drafts would be a big plus here), and b) that once I’ve established what material I want to have with me at the desk or on the road, Devonthink’s syncing system will keep it there without any additional effort on my part.

Some basic organisation and annotation abilities on iOS too, yes: after that, everything else is jam.

Currently, Devonthink is the only tool I use on OSX daily that doesn’t automatically sync with iOS. I’d like it to join the club.

Thanks Bill! That is great news. Yes, I am sure the way I organize, that I would want selective items available on the iPhone versus expecting everything.
Currently I’ve been using Pocket on iOS to send items to, or to copy items into. I then open that on my MBA to grab and add to DTPO.

I just re-read this thread from April. So much has changed. MS got the mobile bug.
I’ve heard the “smaller” company, and “do we want a ‘good’” product or just a product scenarios or excuses through this forum, but really?.. this long and this far behind the curve. I will continue to use DTPO on desktop, Definitely, but not for my work flow. More as a storage area, email back up research etc.

But for daily use on mobile, after this long, I have transitioned to OneDrive, and just use a folder structure on OneDrive to view (many documents) and Word on mobile as needed to create or edit. Heck I can store everything on OneDrive now and access everything as needed. I don’t need selective syncing or need to worry about it.

OneNote ties in great for projects, and 365 Office integrates well with all aspects. After a couple of months use now, having to be selective about accessing anything would be a drawback. Its pretty clear mobile, cloud, and access to everything via the cloud is here now.