Midwifing a column-made sort onto the Unsorted plane

I live inside Unsorted, because I use sorting to mean things. But sometimes I have lots and files inside a Group, and I find myself sorting them manually so that they can co-exist with other in my manually sorted world.

Wouldn’t it be nice if, instead of manually sorting things, I could just run a sort using the Sort column and then preserve this sorting or somehow deliver it into the Unsorted plane?

UPDATE: Duh. You just make a garbage folder, put your stuff in it, sort it, drag it back into the Unsorted realm, and delete the garbage folder. Never mind! Thanks for the quick reply!

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That’s indeed a nice workaround.

Great that you solved it quickly, even in this dimension, @Demogorgon. And your topic title made me smile :grinning:

That process is a nice find! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: