Migrate or integrate database into another

I have found that I want to combine two databases into one. Is there a recommended way of doing it? I foresee two nuisances:

  1. Some tags are identical and I don’t want duplicates of them, yet I would like to keep tags…
  2. The Annotations folder from the database that I will stop using


  1. Moving tagged files into another database that also have the same tags should not duplicate the tags. I just verified this behavior.
  2. Did you enable Preferences > General > General > Annotations: Move annotations automatically ?
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Thanks for that!
Nested tags were a bit awkward, otherwise it worked well. I expected it to be a bit cumbersome anyway, because I have used slightly different organising principles between the two databases (and eventually I understood that the Aliases field made it completely redundant to keep the info in two different dbs).

Annotations setting did the trick :+1:

You’re welcome :slight_smile: