Migrated from Together

Well, I finally bagged Together. Not because it wasn’t a good program; in fact, it was, and it’s indie developer is responsive. But it just didn’t make sense to run two database programs, even though I was pretty much using Together for quick and dirty grabs and storage of misc., and DTPro Office for projects and in-depth research collection. With the delivery of 2.0 beta, DTPO had enough features (or the promise of enough future features) that I felt I could settle on one program. DTPO won out because of AI and the integrated DEVONagent to a large extent. That said, I still need, want, have to have a few other features in DTPO:

  • An easy-to-use note feature that exists outside the app. By that I mean I want something I can call up with a hotkey, bang out a note, and drop it into DTPO whether the DTPO window is open or not. It could be incorporated into the sorter (like Together’s shelf) or be more free-spirited (like Things). But fumbling for the widget ain’t doing it for me.
  • Tags. Yes, I know it’s coming, but tags. For all the reasons others have cited on this forum. Will I tag everything and anything? No. But some items are just more easily tracked and accessed with a mainline tag system.
  • Cover flow after a search so I don’t have to click on every single file to nab the one I want.
  • Drag and drop email w/attachments intact. Yes, I know I can import the emails and get attachments that way, but why? if drag and drop works for the main email, can it not bring in the attachment, as well.
  • Search across all database that are open.

None of the above is new. All or most of is promised in 2.0. I just feel better writing it down for the DT brass to see, especially since now I am solely committed to the DTPO way. :slight_smile:

Just use Tools > Search.

Christian, smack me, please.
I discovered that soon after posting and forgot to come back and edit that line out.