Migrating content from one database to another while selecting dates


Is there a way to import content from one database into a new database wherein there is a selection criteria that is ‘only import items that are dated after date xyz’.

Script ?


Depends on what “date” means in this context – besides custom metadata, we have Due Date, Date Opened, Date Created, Dated Added, Date Modified.

If I were doing this, I would create a smart group with the parameters need to satisfy your query. First I would create the destination database, then either copy or move the contents of the smart group to that database.

If you want to do this repetitively then use a smart rule.

Yes, but I do want to retain the folder hierarchy structure, not just move plain files…

The script in the thread Smart Rule script fails on external script, but not embedded might be a good starting point.

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Duplicating the folder to the new database and then creating a smart folder for anything older than this date, does work.