"Migrating data model" after 2.0.2 install

Is anyone else seeing this after updating to 2.0.2?

I’ve several large databases synced via dropbox and, since updating and re-launching the app, this screen has been chugging away for 45 minutes (I set my screen to never lock so the iPad itself doesn’t sleep):

EDIT: image removed.

If you are converting from DEVONthink To Go 1, this should be okay. How long it should go? I guess it somewhat depends on how much data you’re using.

Converting from 2.0.1.

Seems to have finished, but now continuously crashes on launch.

May have to file support ticket, I’m thinking.

Still crashing on hard re-boot of iPad (Mini 4).

Going to re-install and start over again, which is a shame given I had quite a few large databases.

Similar story here on an iPad Pro 9.7". Same message “Migrating data model”. I switched focus to Settings (to keep the screen awake) and when I switched back the app crashed a few times, and then opened with the 2.0.2 welcome screen, but no databases. The log has a Severe Error message “Database store damaged beyond repair. Please . . . redownload your databases.”

Not a great experience.


I deleted and re-installed the app, which of course wiped out the databases on the iPad itself.

After I re-installed, tried a test sync with two of my smaller databases.

No luck. Will not sync. Either stuck on “Preparing…” or I get a cut off message about not being able to upload database due to pen …" which I think is similar to this thread: [url]Can't Upload Pending Files?].

My update: I acted on the message to redownload my databases but didn’t delete the app. I started with the Global Inbox. It has seemed to download the items, but the log gives a Sync info message “Can’t upload database due to pending fil…”

I have no idea what that means. I checked in DTPO on the Mac and there are no pending files at that end.

Likewise. I also checked for pending files being uploaded on my Mac and don’t see any.

Seems we are having the exact same issue.

Another update.

Started over from scratch again. Deleted app. Re-installed.

This time, I started with a small database as opposed to the last time when I started with syncing the global inbox.

Sync progress window indicated it was pulling down items from my dropbox sync store (as before).

Got message that the database synchronised (as before).

Then message, as before, that the database was indexed.

Then, log shows same message about pending files. According to DTPO on the Mac, there are no pending files from that database being uploaded to the sync store.

Not sure what else I can do at this point.

Four problems with this build. First, also had mysterious “Migrating Data Model” message.
Second, I later configured the iPad to connect to two different sync stores – both on Dropbox (supposed to be a feature of the latest build). The sync stores had been kept updated in DEVONthink desktop weeks. On the iPad, the first store listed the correct databases that had been synced from the desktop (four very small databases). The second store did not – it showed the wrong databases, and did not show the single database that was contained in that store. I segregate work and personal databases in different stores.
Third problem, the log showed an error “The file is missing (the file is missing” (note the odd syntax).
Fourth problem, could not resolve any of the other three problems without deleting the app and reinstalling it.

I stopped with trying to sync via Dropbox. Just using WLAN sync – which is always more reliable than any kind of cloud sync.

(There’s a fifth problem, with WLAN set up on the iPad – when the location is first configured the app requests the (encryption) password – but merely typing a couple of characters is sufficient and the dialog vanishes. So, even if data encryption is enabled for Bonjour connections in DEVONthink on the desktop, I am assuming it is not actually happening because the iOS version doesn’t care to have the correct password entered.)

korm, are you getting any errors in the DTTG log re: pending files?

I haven’t been able to get past the migration message since the recent update. As well as the migration screen, I’ve had a number of crashes, and one error message:

Fatal Error
An error occurred during persistent store migration. --(null)
(NSCocoaErrorDomain: 134110)

I’m using an iPad Pro 9.7"

Since installing DTTG 2, I’ve managed to sync one small database (on Dropbox) the larger ones (on Box) haven’t ever managed to complete a sync so far. They just seem to start again as soon as they’ve finished (until the last update, when nothing works at all.

It looks as if I should have stayed on the old version for a bit longer.

Looking forward to being able to play with all the new features some time soon.

No, I’m not.

Re: pending files error. I have deleted DTTG2, rebooted and reinstalled it. In my tests, the pending files message only appears after the Global Inbox is downloaded. I downloaded a test database first, and that was OK - I could add a file on the iPad which synced back. I then downloaded the Global Inbox and got the pending files message. Adding a file on the iPad to the inbox does not then sync back to the Mac.