Migrating Database to Lion

Hi All

I’ve just upgraded to Lion and as a consequence got the invite to upgrade to the latest Devonthink Pro version (v2.3).

On opening my database I note that I know longer have my smart groups defined. Q: Do I need to recreate all of these (I hope not!).

Also, I used Tags extensively in DVT Pro (prior to upgrading to v2.3). I note that this is no longer available in v2.3…or am I missing something here?

In v2.2, I use to be able to right click on any directory in my database and decide wether to enable Tags or not for that directory…this no longer seems possible on v2.3…help please.

Smart Groups (both global and those specific to a database) created in 2.2 (or earlier) should still be present under 2.3.

Tags are active in 2.3. What is it that appears to be missing? The tag bar? Tags group? Something else?

Look at File > Database Properties for any database. If the option Exclude Groups from Tagging is checked, then it is not possible to include a group for tagging, and you will not see that option in the contextual (right-click) menu. If Exclude Groups from Tagging is not checked, then you’ll be able to decide on a group-by-group basis by using the contextual menu. Any include/exclude settings you had on this before moving to 2.3 should work as previously as soon as you uncheck the Exclude Groups from Tagging option in Database Properties.

Thanks for the pointer - this was indeed the issue.