Migrating to new MacBook Pro - now for the sync store....?

I have oldMacBook (to be retired) and newMacBook (not their real names). oldMacBook now has 6 internal databases (no indexed files). I’ve copied the six .dtBase2 files to newMacBook and have installed DTPO on newMacBook as well. I have not defined any connection to a sync store yet.

Currently, oldMacBook’s DTPO has a sync store defined on Dropbox and my iPhone and iPad Pro access that sync store.

A] Can I continue using the current sync store when defining the sync store on newMacBook, and then just delete DTPO on oldMac pro? If not…

B] I’m guessing I have to do the following…

  1. Delete the Dropbox sync store. Is “cleaning the location” in the Sync settings what I use to do that (say, from oldMacBook)?
  2. Using newMacBook, I set up a sync store on Dropbox. (if I haven’t deleted the original sync store, it’s just a matter of defining a new name for the sync store from newMacBook - right? Or can I just keep using that original sync store?)
  3. From my mobile devices, I connect them to the new sync store. Maybe even delete DTTG on each and begin with a fresh download and set them up to use the sync store. (Is that best to do?)

It seems you’re starting afresh with imported databases now. For due diligence’s sake, I would clean the sync location, then remove it. I’d create a new on with a new name and sync to it. And, personally speaking, since you’re at square one, I would delete DTTG, reinstall it, the import from the new sync location.

Could there be other ways? Yes, but this is about being assured of the data being synced and stored on both devices.

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Thanks for the info. It’s very easy!

Sometimes a fresh start is a simple and effective thing! :smiley: