Minimum window width too high

Just downloaded DT3. In a database list view, the windows have a minimum width that’s much larger than in DT2, and too large for my needs - on my laptop, I now can’t view two databases side by side.
It would be great if that minimum could be relaxed.

A screenshot of the window would be useful. In addition, what’s the width of the display?

The display is 1280:800
Smallest possible window is 800:450 (so height has a minimum as well)
Including sidebar or inspector doesn’t make a difference, everything has to fit into 800:450. So two windows can’t be side by side.
See screenshot.

Thanks for the screenshot! That’s indeed a minimalistic setup. Just wondering but do you use multiple databases? What exactly do you usually do in DEVONthink?

Yes. I’m a journalist, and DevonTHINK is the hub of my professional life :slight_smile:
While writing, I have two databases open, one with articles grouped by client and one with information grouped by article (web clippings, notes, recordings). In list views, I need little more than title and creation date. So even on a laptop screen I can have the two listings side by side. Or rather, I could, until the upgrade.
I don’t see why DT3 list windows should claim all this screen real estate.
If it’s about leaving room in the window for the inspector, I still don’t see it. I would usually hide it. And if I unhide it, it squashes the title column to fit inside the window, which is fine because I will hide it again as soon as I’m done with it.

By default the sidebar and inspector require a certain amount of space but in your case a small width could actually work. Version 3.0.1 will reduce the minimum width to 600 pixels (currently 800).

Many thanks, that should do the trick.

I’d like to cast a vote for even more narrow! With other “note taking” apps, I’ve liked to keep a very narrow note on the far right of my screen. I can then squeeze two app windows on the portion remaining. DT window wont go narrow enough.

It just occurred to me I could open it in external editor… I wonder if theres a way to always open just THAT note externally. Probably, huh? : )

Note: DEVONthink is not merely ”a note taking app”.

And you can open a file his Data > Open With or Shift-Command-O to open the file in its system default application.

Couldn’t agree more! I just figured out smart rules and batch processing and am replacing old workflows already :smile:

Glad to hear it. :slight_smile: