Minor bug in DT3b5 UI

When main window is at its minimum size, the inspector bar has an alignment issue. But restarting DT3b5 solves the issue. The behaviour can be reproduced “sometimes”, in a specific sequence, by (1) change the height of window to its min (2) then change the width of window (by dragging the mouse very quickly) the to its min.

Thanks for the feedback! Which version of macOS do you use? I couldn’t reproduce this. Does it happen without the format bar too?

MacOS 10.14.5.
The behaviour is observed w or w/o the formatting bar. I’ll reboot the OS and test again - perhaps just a glitch.

EDITED: behaviour persists after reboot with no app or any utility app opened. The trick is the speed of dragging the border to min width - the faster I drag the larger the mis-alignment. This is no big deal at all, just to report what I see.