Minor bug in the file extension of annotation after adding clipped image

The default annotations for pdf files (inspector>^3) have .rtf as extension.
After adding clipped image to the annotation file, the extension becomes .rtf.rtfd
The behaviour is consistent.



So far I couldn’t reproduce this. Did you add the image in the Annotations inspector or open the annotation in its own window?

Just tested.

(1) If I capture and paste image while the annotation file is in the main window (inspector bar>annotations>Reveal), the extension is normal and is changed to .rtfd.
(2) If I open the annotation file in a new window (inspector bar>annotations>open) and capture and paste image in the annotation file, then the extension has the abnormal extension of .rtf.rtfd.

There is no effect on the functioning of the annotation, just the issue with extension.

Still no luck over here. What’s the filename of the annotation before pasting the image?

A short video to show you the process. The behaviour is consistent to all pdfs that I have tested.

I’m able to reproduce it after enabling display of suffixes in the prefs, thanks.