minor request

Now that I’m using DT more for writing purposes, in the ‘note view’ (when I double click file and get the document-style window), I would like to be able to add a ‘ruler’ button (to toggle show and hide ruler) to my toolbar. I use this frequently in other programs and it’s handy when I want to get the ruler out of the way or pop it back when I need it. (A ‘styles’ button that allows quick access to the styles palette would be nice too.)

Like I said, a minor request! :slight_smile: Thanks!



It’s there. You turn it on via Format: Ruler: Show Ruler.

How’s the diss going?


Hi Will,

It’s going great! Just had my second chapter approved with minor revisions, and I’m onto the final chapter. The end is in sight! (after getting the last chapter approved, revisions, polishing, preparing…etc.!)

Yes, I know I can get to the ruler via the menu. Thanks. I’m asking for a button/icon on the toolbar, which is a bit more convenient. I toggle the ruler on and off quite frequently (to get it out of the way when I don’t need it!), especially when I have a file open in its own separate view (which I use for a host of different purposes).

Nice to hear from you. Thanks. I’ll be visiting Princeton for my defense over the summer. I’m really looking forward to it.

Take care,


Can’t promise this for v1.1.1 (basically a minor maintenance release) but a future release will add such a toolbar item.

Wow, that’s great! You guys are the best!!!