Minor spelling error

I have had an issue where Devonthink 3 seemed to stop syncing. So I went into settings and resync’d and verified all the databases.

I noticed you have a minor spelling error.“Synchronize Database”. It is spelt “Synchronise”.

Hope that helps. Thanks.

When writing a document, the author has to pick one dictionary. You prefer British to be the chosen to also make “spelt” correct?

I didn’t realise there was any other way to spell this word. :neutral_face:


I would recommend to you the British TV series Inspector Morse, and specifically the episode Ghost in the Machine (1987).

And whilst I personally find the text somewhat patronising, here is a summary by one Jeremy Butterfield on using -ise & ize in British English.


Isn’t “British English” itself an American term? The Welsh, Scots, Irish and English just speak “English”. Mostly. :crazy_face:

Two nations divided by a common language.

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And a world united by “Broken English” :wink:


Thanks for the link to Morse!.

In a nutshell, English spelling has been fluid over the years and no doubt will continue to be so. The book I am currently reading — 'Perdita" is set in the time of George III. Spellings favour -ize rather than -ise (a later change to the French -ise occurred in Victorian times). The Georgians (and those before) were idiosyncratic in their spelling, so I suppose if they were happy with variants, then we should be too.

Take a look at the ‘Pants in the boot’ podcast for a humerous approach to fractured English!

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Brit here, who spends a lot of work time polishing EU English. I’m not knocking Euro-speak – my own foreign-language skills are distinctly lacking – but it truly is a language of its own.

Thank you.

Bring back “connexion” !