Missing ability to see list of bookmarks and annotations

I just upgraded to DTTG 3 from DTTG 2.

I have a PDF with annotations. I cannot find the list of annotations (or bookmarks). The open book icon only opens to an empty page that says No Outline. I believe in the past this icon also opened the bookmarks and annotations. At least it does so in Bookends (nice BTW to see the similarities in the approach taken be the two apps).

Is this feature still in progress? Or is this an add-on purchase?


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The open book icon is only for outlines. The quad of squares has the option to show thumbnails of annotated pages.

PS: Currently we don’t offer any in-app purchases in DEVONthink To Go 3.

I’d be glad to hear at some point that this will also expand to show bookmarks and annotations.


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That would be under the control of the framework’s developer.

PS: There is no standard for PDF bookmarks that would be less likely supported by us.

I’ve also been experimnting with storing annotations in DEVONThink. The PDF framework included in the app is excellent for casual reading and markups, but the lack of annotation exports is certainly a limitation.

A workaround I’ve been using is sending the PDF in DEVONThink to an app called Highlights, which is designed entirely around making and managing PDF annotations. Once I’m done marking up a PDF, I can export the annotations back to DEVONThink as markdown. It’s quite easy.