Missing Automator Actions


I just created an Automator workflow that imports the current NetNewsWire-item into DevonThink. What I’d like to do after the import process is to rename the file just imported. Unfortunately, DTPro doesn’t offer an Automator action for that purpose.

Maybe some of you feel there are other Automator actions missing. I think it would be cool if we just created a “Missing Automator Actions”-list in this forum for our dear developers to work through :slight_smile:.

I start of the list:

  1. Rename DTPro-item

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Hello Christian,

I would definitely like to see requests for Automator actions, but in this case it’s not necessary:

[DTPro - Add Items to Current Group] [DTPro - Get Data from Records] -> Select "Path" [Finder - Rename Finder Items...]

That should do it I think…


Hi Annard!

I am not sure if that really does it. That “Rename Finder Item”-action only seems to modify existing names, but not to completely rename an object, as was my purpose. At least I haven’t found out how yet.

Is there something I overlooked?

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Ah! You were not referring to the file you imported but to the resulting record. Now I understand what you mean, no we don’t have such an action yet.

I did think about it but it’s difficult to make it work when you import many items: do you want a panel to rename each item? Do you want to add a number/date/timestamp? It can become very complicated, so give me an example what kind of rename you’d like to do.

No guarantees as to when or even if this action will appear! :wink:

Hi Annard!

Well, for the beginning I’d like to simply rename the DTPro-item. As I said, the whole workflow imports a webpage from NetNewsWire into DTPro. As I don’t need all those navigational elements of most webpages, I usually only import print versions of the webpages - most websites offer those. When you import those pages, however, they often have quite senseless names. So I’d like to rename the imported website. Just give me a text field where I can enter the new name and I shall be happy.

As an alternative, it would also be great if the I could enter a new name right in the process of importing.

Best regards,

In version 1.1 (currently in beta) you will find a “Rename Export” action that can also use Perl regular expressions for find and replace. It will work for either the name or the comment of a record. Since it will output the original record, it should be quite easy to use it inside a workflow.

I hope this will be useful for you.

I will definitely check it out. Thank you!