Missing Content

All of the contents of three of my DevonThink Pro databases has comppletely disappeared. The database opens but it is empty. What could have caused this?
And trying to “restore from backup” has no reults too.


this may be one of those horrible hard disk failures. I hope you made external backups.

First: Have a look into your DT database package: are there backups and do they show a reasonable size? If they are all empty, the only place you can get older versions of your database are the external backups – or backups outside the database package, which you might have produced using the AppleScript script. Copy whatever you can find and might be helpful later to an external hard disk and then check your hard disk with Apple’s hard disk utility. Repair.

Then you can check your version that is still on the disk, if it works now, fine. If not, get through all your external copies and hope.

Well, this is what I can recommend from my personal experiences.