Missing Files after DT3 Upgrade

I finally upgraded to DT3 today from DT2 Pro Office. I was able to open all my old databases and thought I was all set. But after a closer look, I’m missing lots and lots of files. About half of my tags are completely missing. Those tags that transferred don’t have nearly enough files associated with said tag. for example, one particular tag has almost 300 documents associated in DT2, but only 17 in DT3.

I’ve also tried searching by select titles of articles and they are also missing, so this is not just a tag issue. I’m also missing complete groups of folders that are present in DT2, but not DT3. (Some are grayed out even though all databases are open, and others are gone completely).

What should I do? Please help!

An upgrade to DEVONthink 3 shouldn’t modify any databases as the database format is basically still the same. Screenshots from version 2 and 3 for comparison would be useful. In addition, is a verification of the database(s) (see File > Verify & Repair Database… successful)?

Any advice on what to screenshot to show good comparison? I’ve not tried verification of the database(s) (see File > Verify & Repair Database… successful).

My primary concern right now is to not complicate to problem by breaking DT2.

The DT3 icon has replaced the DT2 icon. What happens if I uninstall DT3 and request a refund?

Screenshots showing the differences and how you noticed them would be ideal.

You could create copies of your databases first, e.g. in the Finder.

Which icon actually?

Deinstalling only (!) the DEVONthink 3 app doesn’t affect version 2.

I’ll start with these two screenshots from my largest database. But there are irregularities in all three of my databases.

I have backups of my databases, but as I’ve never tried to recover from those backups I’m nervous. I have years and years of work information stored in my DT databases.

The icons I’m referring to are the ones in ~user/Library/Databases. I’m assuming this isn’t a critical thing, just adds to my anxiety.

Those are two different database.

Also, DEVONthink 3 has a different file icon in the Finder. The full light blue page icon is the correct one.

Ok, I’m not sure what happened, but I went into DT3 > File > Open Database… and I was able to see much more of what I had previously been missing. I’m not sure why they didn’t show up before.

However, there is a persistent problem every time I re-open DT3. This permission from Dropbox pops up every single time. When I click “allow” it opens DT2.

Deinstalling DEVONthink 2 should fix this (as it’s not recommended to install more than one instance of DEVONthink on a computer).

Yes, I understand that. I also want to verify that everything is working properly before deinstalling.

Thanks for your suggestions and help, @cgrunenberg

Zipping version 2 and deleting the app should be sufficient, then you could simply unzip the archive if necessary to use version 2 again.

Ah, good idea. Thank you. How would I do that? Would I just zip everything in this folder? ~user/Library/Databases (those are my databases, not the DT2 app).

No, just the version 2 application inside the Applications folder. That’s sufficient.