missing files and inconsistencies with DTTG and WebDAV sync

After 6 months of use (having DT Pro Office on 2 machines and DTTG on 2 devices) I really reached a remarkable level of frustration.
I sync on my WebDAV Synology server, which works great with any other service except devonthink.
Every few days I get missing manifest files errors from the iOS devices or when I open DT on desktop I get the error “database in use, are you sure” and so on.
I fix the errors by resyncing, but sometimes I have to rebuild the database.

Today I discovered that a PDF I have been editing on and adding text notes to (doctorate student here) exclusively on my iPad with DTTG, has utterly disappeared from all databases and all devices and computers, and I lost all my notes (About 10 hours of work).

I do not understand how this happened but this really is unacceptable.

On top of that, DTTG fails to import documents on many occasions, or imports PDF to a 0 byte file that cannot be moved (DTTG says “fail to move item”).

It’s a whole mess. Could you fix these basic issues? As things stand it’s just not a reliable tool for iOS.

A frustrated customer,

Missing manifests are most often caused by poor network conditions and unreliable servers. If you are trying to access your WebDAV server from outside your network, this could be the cause of the problem.

You should select Help > Contact Us to start a support ticket.