missing files

I’ve had good long stretches of DTP being no problem at all. However perhaps because of recent upgrades things have been less stable. The time-sink for today has been a DTP crash, followed by missing files.

I had a DTP crash and recover a couple of weeks ago, after which I needed to restore the database from Time Machine. After that it checked out.

Then I updated the DTTG to the most recent version. After that upgrade I had trouble synching. The trouble was that I always had to reset the synchronization settings to synch.

This morning I thought it might be wise to delete the app on the iTouch, download a fresh copy, and resync. I could not get it to sync without it timing out. Then DTP crashed on the mac. Perhaps the database had been corrupt on the Mac for a while.

After running Verify and Repair I found there were a dozen missing files. Most were added in the last week or so. Most of those recent ones I couldn’t find even in versions of the database from Time Machine. Some of those files did not exist anywhere.

But, here’s the really weird thing: 3 out of a group of 6 of those missing files are present in DTTG on my iTouch, and nowhere else to be found.

This is giving me the heebie jeebies, as I trusted DTP with my data.

Also it seems that best practices would include keeping the files in folders in the finder and indexing rather than importing them into DTP. It would seem less likely to lose data this way?

My HD directories have been OK, as checked by Disk Warrior. I haven’t been having disk problems or any Mac instability in general.

Could you please send the crash logs (see ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter) to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies (plus related console messages, see /Applications/Utilities/Console.app)? Thanks in advance.