Missing files


I am new Devonthink Pro Office (version 2.4.3) user. Suddenly I lost all my files in all my databases. I tried verify & repair, and restore backup but they didn’t work. When I do verify and repair I get

Found 0 inconsistencies, 0 incorrect checksums, # missing and 0 orphaned files

where # is the number of missing files. In the dbnames.dtBase2 packages there are backup folders and a number of dtMeta file but nothing else.

It took me a long time to organize these databases so I desperately need help to get the files back. Suggestions are much appreciated.


Did you Index capture the files, and subsequently delete, rename or move them or their containing folder in the Finder? If so, the Paths to the external files that DEVONthink maintains would be broken and the files would be identified as missing.

No I didn’t index capture the files. The files were actually imported into the database.

Please define “suddenly”. What were you doing when they disappeared? Were you working along and truly suddenly they all just vanished before your eyes? Or had you been working previously, opened the app, and now they appear to be gone?

If the second, what had you been doing previous to opening the app?

Have you checked your Trash - the Finder’s, not DEVONthink’s. Inside the database you should have a Files.noindex folder.

Where is your database located and what formatting on the drive?

Does this behavior persist after a reboot?

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Sorry, I wasn’t clear enough. I should have written “next day I opened the app, I could see the file list but when I highlighted a file I got File Missing message.” In other words by suddenly I meant next time (day) I opened the app. I can’t remember exactly what I was doing but I am sure it wasn’t anything unusual.

Database files are in /Users/Me/Documents/Databases/

Yes I did check the trash, nothing there. I also made thorough searches (including invisible files, folders, inside packages etc) for Files.noindex and many unique file names that should be in the database. There is nothing, exceot the Files.noindex file of Inbox.dtBase2.

The formatting is Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Also reboot doesn’t help.

BTW the sizes of the databases are as they should be with the files.

Thanks so much.

You say “all my files in all my databases” - Is it only your Inbox or do you have separate databases that exhibit the same behavior?


Do you mean Files.noindex folder? If it is a file then there would be a problem and would be where I’d start. If it is a folder then, what is inside it? Anything?

Sorry I meant folder. There is no problem with the main inbox. I have 3 databases and they all have the same problem.

So inside each of the three databases is an empty Files.noindex folder?