Missing Folder Action Scripts

In the documentation for the DTOP i found that following script should be available:

I have set the option athe “Install Add-Ons”, but the scripts are not copied to /Library/scripts/Folder Option Scripts, Nor do I see them when defining folder actions.

What did I wrong.

Thanks for reply.

They are installed to ~ (your home folder)/Library/Scripts/Folder Action Scripts/, not to the general library for all users.

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No, they aren’t there either.

The only Folder I have there is “Applications”

I have seen that the Automator has an “Folder Action” possibility. Going to explore these options. But I would anyway prefer to use the plain script based Folder Actions, once I find them :slight_smile:

If someone could send them to me It would be no problem to place them at the right place by hand.

But this is the path they should be installled to. When I delete theme from there and run the ‘Install Add-Ons’ again, DtPO puts them there.
We could try to find out, why it is not happening …. check permissions, check the logfile.

Finder > menu bar > Go > ‘Go to folder’ … paste this path into the window:
/Applications/DEVONthink Pro Office/DEVONthink Pro.app/Contents/Resources/Folder Actions/

There they are. Or do a crtl-click on the app and let the Finder show you the package contents and go to /Contents/Resources/Folder Actions/.

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Great, found the file, copied them, and it works.
Thank you for the help.