Missing information in log message

I see this in my log window:

11.07.23, 03:03:30: Verbindung zum Server konnte nicht hergestellt werden.	Verbindung zu Host nicht möglich. (NSURLErrorDomain -1004)
11.07.23, 16:24:45: Es wurde kein Server mit dem angegebenen Hostnamen gefunden.	Konnte Host nicht finden. (NSURLErrorDomain -1003)

(Couldn’t connect to server / Couldn’t find server with the specified name). This kind of message is quite useless if the server name is not included. In the first case, I know that my WebDAV server is turned off at this time, so I can ignore the message. But for the second message, I have no idea if it’s a problem with a server somewhere or my own WebDAV one…

Would it be possible to add the host name to the message, please?

As macOS might report lots of different errors, DEVONthink usually just uses the provided localized error description which is unfortunately not very helpful in this case. We’ll improve this.